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Much in common
Similarity? Oh, it means nothing!
You can sit for years either on a park bench under charmingly blooming trees, either under a bridge looking on sunsets above the river, or on the roofs of high houses counting stars; admiring speeches of each other, admiring the deep thoughts and brilliant jokes. If you could, you'd spend hundreds of years on throwing words to the wind, like colored balloons - and from time to time pick one of them, someone's brilliant phrase, for a long memory.
But one day you may realize: what were you admiring of? What are your similarities? Musical preferences, movies, tastes? Rubbish! These are not similarities.
There are tons of wonderful movies, fascinating music bands and smart books.
Someone isn't special even though loves same stuff as you do. As when you'll face difficulties - you'll find out that no movies will make a person more attentive, more kind and faithful. And all philosophical arguments, long term discussions are meaningless, when reality comes over.
What happened is that you just caught one wave for a while - that's it. You could do it with anybody else if you wish, couldn't you?

The real similarity is when you both act identically in same situations, when your thoughts are extension of other person's. When you don't need any words to understand each other. When you don't compare this person to yourself, but feel like you're a single unit. Well, it's barely possible to reach even after years spent together.

I wish I could be so patient to make no conclusions about people if they agree with me when I passionately talk about something important. I wish I could love a person, but not his tastes, not his eyes or his hairstyle.

Hey, wait a minute! I guess I can.
No-no, definitely I do. Hm, love and respect with no regard to superficial qualities are here already. The thing I'd really fall in love with is... his care. Am I nuts?

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