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About truth and forgiveness
He: Do you expect anyone would believe you've never cheated in life? =P

Me: No. I expect they won't cheat ME.
I can feel when someone's lying.

He: Ha-ha! What do you consider cheating is, besides the obvious?

Me: Obvious only. Not telling me the truth. No matter how cruel it is. No matter whether is it big or small. Keeping silence about something I should know.
Sometimes people say more with their eyes. It's the only way of cheating I accept. When a person is shy or afraid to say something good, but I can see what's on her\his mind.

He: Honesty is a foundation of any relationship, but then again it's hard to come by these days.

Me: But fortunately still possible.

He: Yeah, but the real challenge is make it last. I mean, once someone loses interest or love with their partner in crime, it's game over...

Me: But you should mention circumstances and the time spend together. 10 years and one little intrigue probably may be compatible. It's ok when people make mistakes - that's how they learn. But same mistakes over and over lead to never ending playing in "oh, sorry, next time I'll tell you the truth".

He: So what kind of incidents are forgivable and what not?

Me: You can forgive everything. But not forget.
And anyway. Lost trust couldn't be returned.

He: You must read everyday since you know so much.

Me: I do read much.
But reading won't make you wiser. It may increase your vocabulary. Mostly it's just for fun. Virtual adventure to get some emotions. Or interesting information. But information is nothing without any real experience.


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