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Precious moments in Kiev
Oh, I can't remember more exciting vacation in Kiev than my last weekend!!! It was so warm, romantic and ...fleeting!
I'll try to describe it briefly.

First of all, when I was told that there are no train tickets to Kiev, I was amazed but didn't give up and took the bus.
The trip was hard. I don't like buses, especially when going so far. When I sat to the bus, I already had a snuffle and  fever, suddenly appeared that day. And it was too hot inside during the ride, as the heating was on maximum. The driver shouted on me when I asked to turn it off, so the service was disappointing, despite the high cost.
But I've been rewarded with a great weather and my close friends' company. :)

In the morning after arrival I've got a very unexpected phone call right in the metro, and it made me smile. Someone remembers and cares about me.
On Saturday Kate and Gene walked with me all day long. Twisting streets, museums and exhibitions - and I simply forgot about my illness.
The Toy museum was especially catchy. Nothing special, but nostalgia. Sharing memories and emotions...
After the supper we played Poker with red wine and cookies (and even though I've been drinking water, I felt like drunk somehow). We went to bed completely exhausted, but absolutely happy.

Sunday was a shopping  and pizza day. One nice glasses seller on Andreevsky descent took a couple of really awesome pictures of us on his camera and promised to send 'em on my e-mail. We both are looking forward :)

[Here is one of that pics. I've got them in November]
Me and Kate. Andreevsky descent.

Nothing else, but the sun above our heads, some funny stuff on the shelves, deep conversations and laugh.
I haven't met anyone else, contrary to the plans, but I think that's what has made these days so precious.

My best Kiev adventure ever!

Love you, Kate, and see you soon, sweety ;)

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come back soon baby <3

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