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byaka's legs
Most of people wander in their own labyrinths for ages, hoping to find happiness. They try to leave some signs - just in case they might need to get back home. But in fact all that they do is just walking in circles - always return to past. Turn the right, turn the left - and you'll find your signs here again despite you moved in a new direction. You see your signs over and over.
Then you think it's better just sit down and wait for someone to take you out of the labyrinth. Someone wise and strong, who knows what to do. But surely this ideal person never comes to set you free.
Because this rescuer is You.
And your labyrinth is nothing more than your own creation.

As for me... I'm also trapped till now in this labyrinth of fears, desires and illusions.
Sometimes I hear a voice behind the wall and feel I'm not alone on my way.

I saw my signs lately and should start from scratch.

Somewhere has to be the right way out of here.
The way where we meet each other.

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